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Air Liquide Project: CAMP FLOW


I have designed and programmed this software to help Air Liquide with customer service. Unfortunately, I didn't end up staying long enough to finish all the features and functionality but I still gave them a copy of the software for their own benefits. The goal of this program is to add customers to a database and complete certain tasks that are required by different people in different departments of the company. This way the customers would get served faster using a more organized way. The software provides better inter-company communication and a great way to keep track of customer requests. I am uploading a copy of the setup file here as well since I like to share some of the projects I develop. I need to note that none of the names of customers, co-workers, or any other names in the software are real. Also the Air Liquide logo is copyrighted and should not be used by other parties for any reason. Now I will explain how this software works...



This screen checks the existance of the database files and if not found. Program cannot work, so it terminates. Once the database files are found, loading completes and the login screen pops up. To test the software you can login as kaan.ersan and password 111111. Then the main screen pops up.

Main Screen

Main1 Main2

The first image is the main screen to complete tasks such as adding new customers to the database, viewing current customers and completing certain tasks related to them, viewing a history of customers that were in the database before and getting statistical reports.

The second screen is for viewing co-workers who are using the program and online. However CAMP Flow is not a IM or messaging software so the online status was just to be able to see who is currently available and the user could just simply send an e-mail to that person using an e-mail client.

Now the most important feature of the program was to process current customers that are on the database and complete certain tasks that are assigned to different individuals like the sales representative, inventory controller, logistics manager or auditors who visited the customers to check the availability of cylinders. All this information is summarized in this screen:

Update Pending Requests


Here users can see a list of customers. Once a customer is clicked, related information is loaded to the fields at the top of the screen. Depending on the type of the account holder, users can click and modify customer information and required tasks. Such as billing information, cylinder counts, location, and memo/history of the customer's request. Once modifying this information users can save the form to update the selected customer and assign a task to one of their co-workers and give it a priority.

History of Requests


This screen is not modifiable. The purpose was just to list a history of previous customers that got served. Here you can see all the process that occurred when the customer requested a certain task from Air Liquide employees.

AL statistics


Finally, this screen showed statistics on how the CAMP program has been progressing and how good the AL employees have been handling the program.

That's it. CAMP Flow is a simple program to use but very powerful for keeping track of customer requests and helping with inter-company communications. The more functionality that was coming to this software was notifications for users when they got new tasks assigned. More results and details for statistical reports, and maybe better navigation and different styles of design. Oh and of course, the databases the program accessed are password protected as well as the users that log in. This way, the company can keep track of their incoming requests without interruptions or human error.

Below is the setup file if you would like to give CAMP Flow a try. This software was made custom for Air Liquide so I'm not sure how it could help you but it certainly works well accessing customer information databases. The intention of the software was to be installed on a shared drive so that all the users would be accessing the same information database.

Download: CampFlow