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certificate 'iPhone Developer' not found in the key access chain

November 30, 2011

Since the last couple of weeks I've been dealing with iPhone development on a new macbook pro.
After writing some code and building an interface, I wanted to test out the application on my own
iPhone. After choosing the iOS device as a build scheme in XCode, I was getting the error saying
value/key pair cannot be found in keychain access.

To fix this problem, simply follow this tutorial found on Apple's developer website:
iOS Provisioning Portal

Of course you have to have joined the standard iPhone developer program which is $100/year.
This tutorial will show you step by step how to create a iphone developer key in keychain access to
build an iphone application and transfer it to your iPhone using XCode.

Also if you're getting the: Valid Signing Identity Not Found error make sure to check this page and follow
instructions: iOS Developer Help
Also in the iOS provisioning portal, you should have valid keys such as:



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massuser wrote on January 3, 2012:

I was stuck at this error and didn't know I had to pair up
the devices. Thanks a bunch for posting the error and