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What's up with ME & Objective-C convert JSON to Object Model

November 9, 2016

Well well well, haven't blogged in over 2 YEARS! TWOOOO YEARS! WOHOOOO

So what have I been up to? I've got a job at IBM, worked there for close to 2 years. Then got a new job at Bell
and I've been here for only 7 weeks so far and things are good!

Been still hustling and writing code of course. Definitely got my hands real real dirty on Swift at IBM and it's been great. Swift also became open source and now it can be used for server side development by programmer friends which is kinda neat.

Other than that, I have released a new app that I never mentioned on my blog before, called BOOKUP! It's book matching for book worms that has a pretty similar concept to Tinder!
Install it for iOS here: Bookup
Built this using Swift and Parse.com for backend which I am moving to somewhere else as Parse.com is shutting down!

What would I be doing instead of writing this blog?
- Probably should be cleaning or would be nice to play the guitar a bit...
But I find blogging is a good way of marketing of my own skills and myself as a working individual in our society and with the boom of social media, it's good to have a blog that catches some attention of important people at important places :)

Been writing some code I'm kinda proud of at the new place so I thought I'd share it.

This chunk of code will grab some JSON data that you may have gotten as a response from a server and parses it to generate your Objects RECURSIVELY as defined in your object model in memory of your application:

Cheers, Kaan


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