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It is one of my favorite past times. I recommend it to skaters, skiers, swimmers and everyone who enjoys extreme sports. It's not only extreme but also relaxing because going down the slopes there is enough time to clear your head and nothing but pure snow definitely gives a calm feeling.

I also love swimming, basketball, running, rollerblading and other various sports.

Music and guitars are my passion. A guitar is definitely a musicians best friend. I played in a band in high-school and we gave youth concerts at certain festivals. If you're thinking of getting a new hobby I really recommend learning to play a new instrument because making music is definitely a hobby for life.
Novels & Reading:

Apart from sci-fi books and medieval stories I enjoy reading computer & business books. I try to read as much as I can and to improve my knowledge in such areas.

I also enjoy reading magazines such as PC World, PC Magazine, CPU, Scientific American, FHM, Car & Driver, etc.
and of course I like reading comics... "Y The Last Man" is recommended.

I must admit I am a technology geek and as a programmer, new hi-tech things interest me. I enjoy improving my skills and I try to visualize new inventions and where the technology will be in the future. I also watch a lot of discovery channel and learn new intersting things everyday.
Magic The Gathering:

This special card game got me addicted and I used to play everyday during high-school. However, I couldn't afford to pay for new editions and cards coming out too often so I had to quit.
I also played FRP games here and there. Even though I don't have a lot of time for games no more, I still do make time for video games and they're fun.