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Hello and welcome to my playground. Here, I talk about my latest software development projects and adventures. I also happen to BLOG about certain things I run into during development time and show codechunks. On top of that, here in this website, you will find some useful free software developed by me as part of my online portfolio/resume.

You can find the source code of most of my projects so if you're interested in programming languages, computer science subjects, topics, theories, feel free to download them and test them out.

My interests are: AI, web technologies, graphics and encryption. In general, programming and computer science topics. Feel free to CONTACT me about any of the above. Also, I'm interested in hearing techy, new entrepreneur ideas.

Finally, if you're looking for a software developer with solid coding skills who is passionate, and just gets things done, you're at the right place.
Oh, and here are my old PROJECTS

Take care,