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Screenshot Description Languages & Tools used Download
This is a chess game I started writing to challenge my AI skills. The game can be played over the network and it uses a Client/Server model to communicate. You can use Hamachi to play over the internet by creating a virtual network. An newer version of the game which will include AI (versus machine) will be updated soon. Java, NetBeans IDE 6.9 Chess
Chess source code

Here is a good guide to disassembling your tablet laptop. The laptop used in this guide is a Fujitsu T2010. Hopefully after reading this tutorial you'll be able to take your own laptop apart for whatever reason. The tutorial contains some useful images to help follow the instructions. Pen, paper, tweezers, screw driver, tape Click for Fujitsu Disassembly Guide

Camp Flow software for Air Liquide:

This piece of software keeps track of incoming customer requests and assigns different tasks to company workers depending on the status of the request. I need to note that this software doesn't contain any customer, employee, employer information about the company. Also the Air Liquide images and logo are copyrighted. The software is available to download to try how the engine works and communicates to the sample databases. Read the basic tutorial page for explanation of the program.
Visual Basic, MS Access 2008, Visual Studio, SQL Camp Flow
CampFlow description

Particle System Assignment:

For 3P98 Graphics assignment, I created a 3D volcano that shoots particles using keyboard commands. The particles are able to rotate, bounce, explode and fall with gravity. The ground also has a friction effect on the particles which can be turned on or off. The dead particles start over by shooting out of the volcano.
C++, OpenGL, glut, Visual Studio 3D volcano
source code

4V98 Graphics & Sound (Plug-in Project):

As a final project for the advanced graphics and sound course I created a Winamp visualization which included a smiley face that grew & shrink using a simple beat detection algorithm. Also had more cool features. I made a separate report page for this project, for more info, please click the link to the right.
C++, Winamp SDK, OpenGL,
FreeImage, Visual Studio
Winamp Visualization

Animation Project for 3P98 Graphics Course:

I used Maya to model a very simple car driving away from a Tornado while crossing a bridge with lights. Created clouds, tornado particles, water and other stuff using Maya's tools. Unfortunately didn't have enough time or CPU power to render all the models and the animation at the time. But here is the compressed video as well as the project file.
Autodesk Maya,
Windows Movie Maker

3F00 Software Engineering Game Project:

The purpose of this game was to teach kids about the War of 1812. My group and I worked on this project for a year and finally came up with this strategy game. The actual website of the game is here which includes more screenshots and source code: Battlefront Niagara
C++, OpenGL, FreeImage, Visual Studio BattleFront Niagara

3P98 Graphics course assignment:

This program asks the user to input a .tif type image file name, displays the image using glut and openGL, then using simple keyboard commands gives the functionality to filter the image. Includes vertical & horizontal flips and a bunch more filtering effects (Joker image is provided for testing purposes).
C++, OpenGL, glut, FreeImage, Visual StudioImageFilter program
Source Code

Crash Course in Strategic Management:

This little program I wrote is for teaching the user strategic management by showing a little startup company which is waiting to grow by improving the management styles. The user can increase or decrease different management related variables to see how it would affect the company.
Visual Basic, Photoshop, Visual StudioStrategic Management
VB designer source

Java test:

A simple java program that counts the number of primes up to the given prime number using a brute force algorithm. After reaching final prime, outputs the time it took the program to run.
Java, JCreatorPrime.class
Source code

Screensaver assignment for 3P98 Graphics course:

First ss draws triangles or rectangles (depending on user input) with different colors (fixed or random) as well as with different frame rates.
Second one draws a triangle that travels around the screen and hits the edges of the monitor then bounces off.
C++, OpenGL, glut, Visual Studio ScreenSavers
Source code

Acedemic statistics:

A Grade Statistics program that reads data in from 2 input files. First one keeps data of number of students, exams, assignments etc. 2nd one inputs each students number and marks. After reading all the input, the program calculates statistical values and prints a histogram of the class. This program can be used by schools to show students their marks.
CProgram output
Source code & Input files

Procedural Programming Assignment:

A simple tic-tac-toe game for the 2P91 Procedural Programming assignment.
Programmed in C. The game doesn't have much AI but does accept all kinds of input (flawless).
Here is the code and the executable file.
C, Dev-C++ TicTacToe
source code

A simple cylindrical tetris-like connect 4 game. The game also has a simple AI implemented to it. Cylindrical means the connect 4 board is wrapped around so 4 pieces divided on left end and right end still count as a win. The game also has an effect called "tetris effect" which means, once the bottom row is full, all the pieces in there are automatically deleted. C++, Visual StudioConnect 4
Source code

This is a simulation of a population of Aliens, reproducing then dying with time or by their predators. The simulation reads input from a data file for starting aliens then continues on from the initial state. The aliens move around and get pushed around by scarecrows, alien queens give birth to regular or other alienqueens. The predators kill the aliens in their range when they are not in their hibernation state.Java, Simulator.jar, JCreator Alien World (includes source code, input file and Simulator.jar)

This program creates a doubly circular linked list and asks the user to add or remove elements from the list using keyboard commands.C++, Visual StudioLinkedList
Source code